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Epic Paddle Adventures is your one-stop shop for when it comes time to get out on the water. It is located at 1600 N Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32804. Whether you’re a first-timer or an avid paddler, we’ve got you covered from top to bottom. Our adventure company caters to all levels of experience with a wide range of activities for everyone. From easy and family-friendly day trips up to extended backcountry adventures, our activities cater to almost any outdoor enthusiast. We offer everything from kayak rentals and guided tours to multi-day excursions and overnight camping trips. And that doesn’t even scratch the surface…

What is an Epic Paddle Adventure?

An epic paddle adventure is a fun, outdoor experience where you travel by boat, kayak, or canoe on some of Florida’s best outdoor waterways. You’ll paddle through some of the state’s most scenic rivers and lakes, enjoy great wildlife encounters, and maybe even see a Florida manatee or two. You’ll also have the opportunity to explore historical and natural landscapes, visit popular destinations, and learn about Florida’s rich history and natural resources on your adventure.

Kayak Rentals and Solo Adventures

Kayaks are the most popular activity in Florida, and for good reason! With plenty of freshwater options and a wide range of scenery you can easily spend the day paddling through Florida’s rivers and lakes. For a more intimate experience, rent a single kayak to explore one of the state’s many lakes or rivers on your own. A single kayak is the perfect way to experience Florida’s natural waterways while leaving the distractions of large crowds and resorts behind. If you’re looking to experience one of Florida’s waterways in a more exciting way, you can also explore the rivers and lakes in a canoe or a raft.

Night Paddle and Camping Trips

Paddle through a Florida river or lake under the Florida sky at night? You’ve got to be kidding. We kid, but you can: With a little planning, you can take advantage of Florida’s many rivers and lakes at night. Rent a kayak or canoe and travel the waterways under the Florida sky. Experiencing Florida’s waterways at night is a pretty surreal experience. You might even be lucky enough to spot some wildlife while out on the water. If you’re looking to get out of the city and experience nature in a different way, this is a great option. Camping on a Florida river or lake also opens up a whole new set of experiences that you can’t get from staying in a hotel. You might even want to bring your fishing rod to try your hand at catching dinner in the wild.

Shorter Day Tours, Tandem Adventures, and Canoe Rentals

If you’re looking for a shorter day trip than a multi-day paddle adventure, you’ve come to the right place. For a shorter day trip, look into a variety of day tours in Florida. Florida has a wealth of historical and natural sites that are worth exploring. Take a guided tour on wheels, explore by bike, or take an eco-tour over some of the state’s most beautiful landscapes. Tandem adventures are also a great option for those who want to experience Florida’s outdoors with a friend or significant other.


Florida is the perfect place to explore outdoor activities and experience the natural beauty of the state. With everything from kayaking adventures on inland rivers and lakes to camping trips along the coast, you’ll find plenty of options for any outdoor enthusiast.

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